Tree Pruning/ Trimming

Tree trimming - Lexington KY

TreePro of Lexington provides tree trimming and pruning for all kinds of situations.

Guided by our Certified Arborist, James Sims; our employees are trained with years of experience in proper pruning techniques for this Lexington area. This is necessary for the overall health/integrity of your trees for years of preservation. We not only want your trees to be healthy, we also want them to structurally safe to avoid unnecessary problems in the future.

The Benefit of Tree Trimming Services

Tree trimming in Lexington KY is in many ways an art as much as it is a service. Careful considerations must be made as to how and when trees should be trimmed. Improper techniques can open up the tree to long term damage and rot. We have seen so many “tree services” come in and hack up a tree for a cheap price; and if that is all you are looking for; that may be “good enough”. However, at TreePro of Lexington we take into account the health and beauty of the tree, not just for today; but in how the tree will grow to remain beautiful for years to come. Proper tree trimming will assist in that goal.

Reasons for Tree Trimming

There are many different reasons for tree trimming or tree pruning for the Lexington area:

  • Pruning to eliminate dead/broken limbs that are a magnet for insects/disease
  • Thinning of an overabundance of inner sprouts – which derive nutrients from the outer crown
  • Clearance trimming to avoid structures, wires or other trees
  • Vista pruning for better desired views
  • Crown reduction that, when done properly, can provide stability and longevity for years. This reduces the risk of failure due to splitting from wind, ice, snow or poor limb structure.

Typically, your trees will need trimming every 3-5 years; but every situation is different.

Call TreePro of Lexington for a FREE assessment. We will only suggest/estimate the needed services for both the task and the health/ longevity of the tree. With every situation being different, we know there is a solution for each. We will guide you in the best, most cost efficient and appropriate action for your trees.

The Advantage of a Certified Arborist

Whether your Lexington area trees provide shade and/or to increase the curb appeal of your home; we can assist you in the best techniques to keep them looking beautiful. Because trees play a major part in the overall image of Central Kentucky; choosing the right company is a must. TreePro’s 40+ years of experience in tree trimming can provide confidence that we are both interested in getting the job done; and doing it right! Our Certified Arborist possesses and delivers the highest level of experience keeping us as the top choice of home, businesses and tree farms throughout the bluegrass.

James Sims, maintains his ISA certification and membership. This keeps his green thumb on the pulse of the latest in disease control and techniques for our tree trimming services. Additionally, this experience means he can determine the appropriate steps to promote the long term health, beauty and safety of your trees and bushes.