Seasoned Hardwood Firewood Sales

TreePro of Lexington offers the best seasoned hardwood firewood year round.

Firewood sales - Lexington KY

From those wanting firewood for campfires, camping or home and business heating; there are few heat sources more potent and more intense than a natural wood fire. That’s why wood-burning stoves are still a favorite heat source for residences and commercial spaces in Lexington and Central Kentucky.

Whether you operate a local establishment or are simply looking for a way to keep your home as cozy as possible through the winter, wood-burning fires are a great option. Tree Pro sells several different types of firewood perfectly suited to meet your needs; in fact, our natural, locally sourced firewood is ideal for both commercial and residential use!

Locally Sourced Firewood

While doing tree removal jobs in the Lexington area, we store our logs in chronological order to guarantee the properly seasoned logs get cut and split first. We take pride in providing a quality product. This is why our customers stay with us for years.

Only Pick-up is Available at this Time

Call James first at 859-361-3274 to guarantee availability for pickup.

Pickup seasoned firewood at our woodlot located at: 1008 West New Circle Road Lexington, KY 40511.

All Firewood is the same… Right?

Wrong! At TreePro our 40+ years of experience foes into each piece of firewood we sell. We take into consideration everything like:

  • The type of wood being burned
  • The method in which the wood is split (or “cut”)
  • How long the wood is seasoned
  • The method of wood storage

These all play a role roles in how well your firewood produces heat, viewing pleasure, and heating efficiency.

Treepro of Lexington also sells Hickory Wood for Cooking.

Firewood Heating for your Home

As we have seen the Lexington area natural gas, propane and electric prices surge over the past few years; many Lexington consumers have turned to firewood. This provides a cost-effective means for heating homes and businesses. With the choice of an energy-efficient fireplace you can see some great savings on your energy bill in addition to that cozy feeling and crackle that only a fireplace can provide.

Here are some helpful tips from TreePro of Lexington on how to make your wood fireplace more efficient.

  • Burn seasoned firewood. Unseasoned or “green”, wood burns inefficiently also creating a large amount of smoke. Seasoned wood means that has had at least an entire year to dry. This makes your firewood burn more efficiently and with less polluting smoke.
  • Open the fireplace damper as wide as possible to increase the amount of air the fire initially receives. This improves combustion and the amount of heat the fire produces.
  • Have your chimney cleaned annually. Doing this prevents the buildup of creosote build-up on the side of your chimney flue, restricting air flow. In worst-case scenarios the build-up can become a fire hazard.
  • Consider installing tempered glass doors in the front of your fireplace. Keep the doors closed while the fire is burning. This will increase the temperature in the chimney and reduce the amount of warm air the fire draws from the room.
  • Add insulation and a fan heat exchanger to blow heat back into the room and prevent heat loss up the chimney.