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  • Tree Service with a Certified Arborist serving the Lexington, KY Area

    As a tree service with a Certified Arborist, TreePro of Lexington has become the trusted source in the Central KY area.

    As a locally owned and operated tree service, we have become well known for our quality tree removal, tree trimming and tree pruning services. We are licensed, bonded and insured tree service to protect ourselves and our client’s investment.

    We are fully committed to ensuring the best quality service with dedication to the balance of our customers needs; and dedicated care to the health of the trees in our beautiful central KY landscape.

    TreePro takes COVID seriously – Our employees are trained in Covid precautions. We provide masks when needed, hand sanitizer and wipes for trucks. Plus keep them updated on latest CDC guidelines.



    ISA Certified Arborist | Tree and Landscape Service | The Original – TreePro of Lexington, KY

    All Estimates are Written Personally by the Owner!

    Horse Farm | Tree Service Lexington KYTree Service Dedicated to the Safety, Health, and Beauty of Your Trees

    Healthy, properly maintained trees add beauty and value to your Lexington, KY area property. If you should have concerns about your trees, using a Certified Arborist can provide peace-of-mind; and ensure the health of your trees and the affected surrounds.

    Some conditions where tree service might be needed are:

    • Trees which pose a danger of injury and/or property damage
    • Storm-damaged trees
    • Trees and shrubs getting too large for their space
    • Trees blocking the view of your property or the landscape
    • Over-grown trees and shrubs which need pruning or trimming

    Our tree service employees, from owners to managers, consultants to technicians; provide award-winning tree services. As a team we are compassionate about the health, beauty and condition of the trees and landscape; of our great Central Kentucky area. We not only work here, we live here too! We put our reputation on the line for every tree service we provide.

    James Sims is the owner, operator of TreePro and is a Certified Arborist that grew up in Lexington, KY. He has been compassionate about caring for trees/landscapes in the Central KY area for over 40 years. He personally takes pride in an honest, free assessment of your trees/landscape; and only strives for what is best for you/your trees.

    James’ desire to do the best for the tree service project AND the environment has earned him top marks in the community. James can help keep the curb appeal of your Lexington, KY area home at its best. His experience can keep trees/landscape in a healthy looking condition.

    TreePro of Lexington work truck | Tree Service Lexington KYISA Certified Arborist

    A Certified Arborist is one who possesses and delivers the highest level of knowledge; and dedication necessary to the Lexington, KY horticulture. Certified arborists have the training and experience to correctly assess a tree’s health and safety. James maintains his certification and membership with the ISA; to keep in tune with the latest in disease control and techniques for our unique landscape. This means he can determine the appropriate steps to promote the long-term health, beauty and safety of the tree.

    For over 40+ years working in Lexington, James has helped to educate our customers on the best options for trimming, pruning and, if necessary; tree removal. His honest and preventative approach looks for the BEST way to complete the project, not the fastest.

    Naturally, each situation is different and ISA Certified Arborist, he will gladly meet you for a free consultation. With a full assessment of the need, James will create your best tree service strategy.

    We work hard to make this a smooth/worry free process that you can trust will be done in a professional, fair and honest manner.

    We take pride and stand behind our motto in all we do when we say “WE GO THE NEXT LEVEL FOR YOU” at TreePro of Lexington.

    As a certified Arborist, we take pride in setting the standard for tree service in the Lexington, KY area. We never suggest work that you don’t need.

    Simply put, we continue to build relationships through our business practices. We strive to provide confidence that you have chosen the best, most honest, fairest priced tree service in Lexington, KY.