Tree Planting/ Landscaping

Expert Tree Planting and Landscaping Services in Lexington

Tree Planting - Lexington tree service

At TreePro of Lexington we love our job. We understand the impact that our service has on the long term horticulture of our beautiful Bluegrass state. Whether we are talking about planting a tree to beautify your home or business, or replanting after a storm; we are here for you. Trees are a lifetime investment, which is why we treat each tree planting opportunity with care.

Additionally, we look forward to replanting trees whenever possible; to help maintain our Urban Tree Canopy. This has suffered tremendous cumulative losses in the Ice Storm of 2003 and 2009. Numerous large Oak trees have been lost to disease with thousands of Ash trees lost to the Emerald Ash Borer.

Tree Planting Selection & Variety

For the best look for your Lexington area landscape and best performance, we recommend planting a variety of trees. This is because over planting one certain species can lead to problems with invasive insects and disease in the future. This technique and a variety of other constructive planning suggestions; are made during both our initial consultations with our certified arborist. We covet our continuing relationships to keep your Lexington home, commercial property or horse farm looking its best.

At TreePro of Lexington we will provide a free assessment on what tree will do best for certain location. We work closely with our clients to provide the trees best suited for your property and needs.

Local Grown

We take pride that all of our plants are sourced from locally grown nurseries. This guarantees better survival rates while supporting other local businesses, right here in Central Kentucky.

Landscape Design, Installation & Maintenance

We take pride in improving your curb appeal by properly planting trees and installing landscapes. From digging holes for plants to applying mulch we take ownership of every detail of your project. Proper plant selection and placement is crucial for a landscape that not only is functional, but adds beauty to your property as well. After 40+ years in Lexington landscapes, Treepro knows how to get this done for you.

The Advantage of a Certified Arborist

Whether you need a tree planted to provide shade and/or to increase the curb appeal of your Lexington area home; our Certified Arborist can assist you in the best landscaping techniques to have your property looking Bluegrass beautiful. Because planting a tree plays a major part in the overall image of Central Kentucky; choosing the right company is a must. For over 40 years, TreePro has become known for not just getting the job done; but done right! Our Certified Arborist possesses and delivers the highest level of tree planting experience, keeping us as the top choice of home, businesses and tree farms; throughout the bluegrass.

James Sims, our Certified Arborist; maintains his ISA certification and membership. This keeps his green thumb on the pulse of the latest in disease control and techniques for landscaping services. Additionally, this experience means he can determine the appropriate steps to promote the long term health, beauty and safety of your Lexington trees and landscape.