Professional Stump Removal

Treepro of Lexington offers Tree Stump Grinding and Removal services. 

Tree Stump Grinder | Tree Stump Grinding and Removal services

Trust TreePro’s 40+ years of experience when it come expert tree related services in the Lexington KY area.  Tree stump grinding and tree stump removal are exacting services that require years in the industry. This helps to to ensure the proper provisions are made for the root system, and surrounding areas for this service. Many factors are taken into account to make sure that this removal is done correctly.

Location for the Tree Stump Removal

When providing professional tree stump grinding and removal, we take into account the location of the tree stump on your property. Location plays largely into the steps or preparation needed to get this right. If the stump is not easily accessible, we will need to move the equipment across your property. This is where a professional service shines. We make every effort to protect our customer’s property. The stump grinder is very heavy and can sink into soft ground, leaving tracks. Our stump grinders can grind a mature stump in your front yard. The equipment is portable enough to get to the backyard with only a 36” gate opening.

Choosing the best time (when the ground is firm and dry) and the route to the stump, naturally are factors we look closely. Several tree services use a trailer mounted grinder meaning that a truck and trailer will need to be moved onto your property. This is why we have chosen equipment that leave a smaller footprint up and during its operation. Additionally, if the stump is close to the home or building; we employ additional protective measures to make sure no damage to the structure occurs during the tree stump grinding process.

Preparation and Analysis

Drawing from the knowledge of our Certified Arborist, we have learned that proper evaluation and preparation is key. Knowing the density of the tree, the ground around the tree and any obstructions; are calculated before hand. This makes sure that we bring the right equipment ready to complete the job all on the same visit. Sometimes we have seen where underground cables, pipes, rocks and such may create a hazard, This is another reason why expert evaluation just makes good sense.

Local Tree Stump Grinding Experts

TreePro employees are trained to properly grind stumps to a sufficient depth – to result in better turf conditions for the future. By properly grinding the root flair, you ensure that the entire stump gets ground; not leaving homeowner with future problems. Additionally, we can grind deep when needed for newly replanted trees in same spot.

If possible, TreePro of Lexington suggests moving the trees to different locations for better long term results.

Treepro of Lexington typically hauls excess stump mulch, when needed; to avoid work for homeowner. However, we do recommend leaving mulch 8-12” above grade to allow for settling, which may take up to 1 year. This will save money for topsoil because the stump mulch will settle.

Getting your Lexington area yard beautiful after having a large stump ground can take a lot of work. Our employees at Treepro of Lexington will simplify the process by minimizing work needed by homeowner. Cleanup on stump grinding jobs is quite often the last step of overall project. We will make sure everything is done properly before we leave the job site;  resulting in best possible curb appeal for our customers.