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Horse Farm Tree Service | Lexington Ky

TreePro of Lexington is proud to be the top choice as a horse farm tree service in the Lexington area. We put to work our 40+ years in the business for you. As the popular choice for tree services within the Central Ky Equine Industry the fact that we staff a certified Arborist does not go unnoticed.

Our years of dedicated experience at major horse farms, has proven us to be the “go to” choice for:

  • Professional Tree trimming
  • Safe and efficient Tree removal
  • Tree planting
  • Emergency tree service/ storm damage

Kentucky is known for Horse Farms

Lexington Kentucky and the surrounding Bluegrass are known for many things; but perhaps more for good food, Ale-8 and Horse Farms. In fact, Kentucky is famous for our beautiful horse farms. Offering the champion breeding of thoroughbreds, providing training grounds for world famous horses and racing venues with Keeneland just up the road. Lexington area horse farms are also known for horse riding education, training and trail rides; from the smallest horse farm up to the Kentucky Horse Park.

Our equine clients rest assured knowing we get our work done efficiently and safely without interrupting their daily operations. TreePro of Lexington has numerous references from the equine industry and will gladly make them available if requested. Not only do we strive to deliver quality professional tree service, we also take pride in keeping what Central Kentucky is known for: “looking good”; at a fair and reasonable price.

The Advantage of a Certified Arborist

Because horse farms play a major part in the landscape and image of Central Kentucky; choosing the right company is a must. As we offer the experience of a Certified Arborist, you can have confidence that we are both interested in getting the job done; and doing it right! Our Certified Arborist possesses and delivers the highest level of experience, providing a next level services. James, our Certified arborists; lives and works in this area we love so much. His tree service expertise is reflected in is compassion for our environment as he assess each tree’s health and safety.

James maintains his ISA certification and membership. This assists him to keep in touch with the latest in disease control and techniques for our tree services. Additionally, this means he can determine the appropriate steps to promote the long term health, beauty and safety of the tree, and the effect that it can have on the horse farm environment.

We are fully committed to providing the best quality tree services. Taking into account the balance of our customers needs; and dedication care to the health of the trees in our beautiful central Ky landscape. Truly a perfect, quality balance for your valuable horse farm industry.

The Right Tools for the Job

Beyond the experience of James, our certified Arborist; is the fact that we have in-house, all the tools and equipment needed; to properly complete any tree service. Many tree services take longer to complete larger project, needing to rent equipment to do the project. We possess the large equipment, chippers, grinders and bucket trucks needed to get your tree services completed quickly and safely.

Tree Pro is a fully insured and licensed tree service company. As a result we provide a full line of both tree care and landscaping services. Furthermore we are always glad to provide FREE ESTIMATES.

Contact us today for a no cost, no hassle consultation.