Are your trees ready for another ice storm? Corrective pruning now can prevent major damage.

Lexington, KY and the bluegrass region has unfortunately seen the wrath of mother nature several times in the past few years. In both February 2003 & 2009 we saw the destruction of severe ice storms. While the natural sight was nothing less than magical the effects were widespread and devestating. Trees and limbs knocked out electricity to thousands for weeks and caused widespread damage to homes, cars, and property of all kinds. Are your trees prepared for another storm of that magnitude?

If you answered no or don’t how to anser, then chances are your trees may need corrective pruning. Trees are living and growing and thus need to be analyzed and maintained regularly. Add an accumulation of ice and the branch weight can be increased up to 30 times (1). Combine the increased branch weight with a strong wind and you have ideal conditions for major damage. Falling limbs were a major cause for the massive power outages (2) and were a dangerous threat to anyone near. Properly pruned trees have a more balanced weight distribution and have a significantly less chance of damage due to snow, ice, and wind in the upcoming months. Don’t wait for a hazardous limb to fall and injure someone or damage your property. Invest in your property now and reduce costly damages and power outages in the future. Maybe you have been putting off having your trees correctively pruned due to the damage caused last year. The more damage your trees has and the longer it goes untreated, the more susceptible the tree becomes to infestations and disease. By pruning now you will also be promoting the overall health of the tree and increasing the aesthetic value of your property.

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